Transport options on the Far North Coast

Cosies, – check.

SUNSCREEN, – check.

Hat, towel, water bottle, – check.

You’ve got some loose plans for Club counter-meals, a good feed of fresh-caught local seafood, and your favourite bevvy is in-stock at the local bottle shop… you’re all good.

So, what’s missing?


  • UBER: yes, we’ve finally got uber on the north coast! Byron and Lennox.
  • The ole’ “pub bus” – the free option offered by heaps of local venues/restaurants.
  • Exotic transport specialities – like motorised trikes (Knees To The Breeze – trike tours: 0447 756 087)
  • Hire a push bike from Byron Surf and Bike Hire (6680 7066) or Sunshine Cycles (0406 755 547) or The Bicycle Emporium in Ballina (6681 4054)
  • Walk along the beach from your accom to the pub/restaurant. Check the tides, of course!  But a beach walk is a glorious way to enhance your appetite or walk off a lush local meal.
  • Get a ride with a mate, or ask at the desk of your hotel/park for any transport options they know of.
  • Taxis:
    • Ballina Taxis: 6686 9999
    • Byron Taxis: 6685 5008
  • Buses: Blanches bus service will likely be the most convenient to get between Byron, Bangalow, Suffolk, Lennox and Ballina. You’ll find the timetable you want here:

I guarantee you’ll enjoy your holiday a lot more if you don’t need to call or email us at The Local Court Lawyers (0413 310 008 or  We’re working if you need us, but there goes your chilled north coast escape!

Here’s some facts to bear in mind that prompted this transport options blog:

  • At July 2016, Byron Bay topped the STATE for the most number of drink drivers in NSW. Over 185 people were charged with this offence, in the Byron area.  Coffs Harbour was second on the state’s second most popular places to drink/drive (with around 160 charges).
  • Over 18,000 people were charged with drink-driving state wide (b/w July ’15 – June ’16)
  • In 2016 Police conducted over 33,000 mobile drug tests across NSW. In 2017, this number increased to around 97,000.  The far north coast has the greatest number of tests conducted in the state, and the highest number of convictions from mobile drug testing.

When you holiday on the far north coast of NSW bear in mind that the mode of transport you use to and from your days and nights out will have a huge bearing on how much you can enjoy your holidays, and how much the holiday ultimately costs you – not just financially, but in terms of license loss, feeling bad and worrying about consequence, legal fees, fines, court costs, suspension periods, having to come back here for a court date, etc……

So keep a copy of “how to get around hassle-free”.  It’s our most valuable blog at this time of year.

If all else fails, and you become a Byron drink-driving statistics, call us on 0413 310 008; or head to our facebook page and shoot us a message.

Have a safe and happy summer holiday.

The team at the Local Court Lawyers.


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