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Traffic Offences

If you been charged with a traffic offence and are facing a local court appearance, we can help.


Just 3 simple steps to get help:

Call: 0413 310 008

We explain the process to you – what happens next, the choices or options available to you, what to expect on your journey through the local court system, the range of penalties you can reasonably expect.  Decide if you want to make a free initial appointment.

Your free initial appointment

This can happen 2 ways.  Either you simply come to the office at the agreed time and we talk further about your matter.  To this appointment you bring:


  • Did the police give you a Court Attendance Notice?
  • A Fact Sheet?
  • Custody Management Report?
  • Anything else?
  • Is there a Penalty Infringement Notice?
  • Did someone record the circumstances surrounding the offence?
  • If you participated in a police interview (ERISP), and you have a copy, please bring this too.

BRING YOUR DIARY and available dates, in case we need to make another appointment.

If you have some notes or any other information that relates to your involvement in the offence please bring them.  We will be looking for ways to minimise your sentence, or decide if a not guilty plea is advisable.

Alternatively, if you want to have a more meaningful meeting with us, you can download the authority to contact Police, fill it in and email it to us at admin@localcourtlawyers.com.au.

This allows us to go to the police station and obtain the Police Facts, Court Attendance Notice and your prior criminal and traffic history, which we will have for the meeting.


Call us for any enquiry or to arrange your FREE initial appointment

Phone: 0413 310 008

Email: help@localcourtlawyers.com.au

or fill in the form and press send:

    Get more information

    Find the link on our page that is relevant to your offence and read a bit about it.  Here is a link to the criminal matters and a link to the traffic/driving offences.

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