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5 Tips so Splendour In The Grass isn’t a pain in the A–!

By 14 July 2017July 17th, 2017No Comments
Splendour in the Grass lawyers

If you’re going to Splendour In The Grass at Byron Bay this July, here are some tips from the Local Court Lawyers to ensure you have the best festival ever (with no regrets):

1.  Bring your GOOD VIBES: leave your bad vibes with your ex-.

An alcohol and drug induced bad attitude wrecks SPLENDOUR for you and those who have to put-up with you – know when to stop.  Watch the 15 sec video below – he didn’t get it… at first!

2. Like puppies? Good.  Because if you try and bring DRUGS into the event, a cute puppy is going to sit down, at your feet, right before you’re searched and charged.

3. ‘Don’t gimme no lines and keep your hands to yourself’ – if it’s not yours, or your’re not asked or invited to touch or take it, then don’t.

Whether it’s someone’s stuff, or someone’s flesh: theft, assault, harassment, (whether or not it’s sexual), drink-spiking…  GET YOUR HAND OFF IT if it’s not yours.

4. Hey, what are you doing here?… I don’t mean ‘on this planet’.

Did you jump the fence?  Got someone else’s wrist band? Mistakenly think the event security are decorative?  If you’re told to get-going, then do it.

5. The morning after... the driver of your vehicle should expect to be drug and alcohol tested, as you come or go from the festival.

Pot and other drugs can stay in your saliva for days, and alcohol (even after a sleep) can still result in a drink-driving offence next-day.

If you, or a mate, make a mistake at Splendour in the Grass, Contact us for legal advice.

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We don’t recommend you do this at Splendour  – view video:

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