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SCHOOLIES legal hotline: 0413 310 008

If you’re charged with an offence at Schoolies, you’ll likely be appearing in the Tweed Heads or Byron Bay Local Court. If you’re not from here, you’ll need to plan to return to Tweed or Byron for your court date.

24/7 Schoolies Tweed/Byron legal hotline: 0413 310 008

After a few drinks, schoolies have a reputation for challenging police when approached.  There’s an “attitude test” (my police friend’s colloquially call it).  You pass it by being pleasant and cooperative.  You fail it by being rude, aggressive or argumentative.  You don’t necessarily have to do everything the police ask you to do — like accompanying police to the station, unless you’ve been charged; or giving them heaps of information you’re not obligated to tell them — but generally, if you are asked, you should give Police your name and address and date of birth; and if you’re given a “move along” direction, comply with it (–these are Orders given by police, telling you to leave an area for 6 hours. Go somewhere else, because if you refuse to comply, or you return to the area within the 6 hours, you can be charged).

If you’re behaving suspiciously, or a police dog takes a liking to you (!), you may be searched by Police.  They are looking for anything unlawful in your possession. If you smell or look drug-affected, or if you look like you’re trying to hide something, these circumstances can create the ‘reasonable suspicion’.  Remember, passing the ‘attitude test’ might help reduce the risk police think you are acting suspiciously.

If you are charged, you’ll generally be issued with a Field CAN – a court attendance notice.  That’s your queue to call us, and book a return bus/flight.  There’s not much you can do about it at this stage, so go and have fun and call us later.

If you are arrested and taken to the police station, please CALL US:

Schoolies 2017: 24/7 Tweed or Byron Bay legal help: 0413 310 008

We recommend you don’t agree to any police interviews until you speak to a lawyer.  (It’s very rare that you should agree to a police interview, so call and talk before you make the decision. Please.)




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