NSW Road Safety Plan 2021 – Towards Zero

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Lofty Ideals, Policy Potholes & Local Licences

“Tough on crime”, “the War on Drugs”, and now….. “Towards Zero”: the latest rhetoric to metamorphosis into policy.  So commendable is this policy principle, we invite you with us, to look behind the rhetoric, examine the details, and the impact these will have on day-to-day lives of drivers.

A report published in February 2018 titled – NSW Road Safety Plan 2021: Towards Zero, has resulted in recent legal changes that have now entered into force in NSW. Of particular relevance to the Local Court Lawyers, are the changes to:

  • sentences for mid-range drink driving – with mandatory interlock orders for anyone convicted;
  • license suspension and fines for low range drink drivers; and
  • license suspension and fines for drivers detected with a trace of drugs in an oral fluid sample.

The plan states that it uses ‘targeted and proven initiatives’ that are ‘evidence based’ to address ‘key trends, behaviours and… types of crashes’, with reduction targets to be achieved through improved ‘road design, safer speeds, safer vehicle technology and equipment, robust laws, education and enforcement,’ “Road Safety Plan 2021: Towards Zero”, Transport NSW, Centre for Road Safety, February 2018.



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