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Kyogle Lawyers

Facing a local court appearance at Kyogle, NSW?

Kyogle is a vast and lush area of NSW – an absolute pleasure to live-in or visit.  However the police are vigilant with conducting tests for drink-driving (Random Breath Testing, or RBT), drug-driving (Mobile Drug Testing, or MDT), drug possession, assaults, traffic and driving offences (such as negligent driving and dangerous driving), acts of indecency, AVO’s, theft/larceny and all manner of local court offences, including children’s court matters.

If you have been charged with any offence – if you are the defendant – and need to attend Kyogle Local Court – whether you wish to plead guilty or not guilty, or need advice on this decision – then the team at the Local Court Lawyers can assist.

That’s all we do: Local court work.  Everyday.  We are the Local Court Lawyers and we are experts in all matters in the local courts in NSW.

Legal help from our Kyogle Lawyers is just a phone call or email away

Kyogle Local Court Lawyer

Kyogle Local Court

Address: 68 Groom Street, Kyogle, NSW 2474

The Kyogle Local Court Lawyers will represent you in:

People choose the Kyogle Local Court Lawyers because:

  • We have a proven track record of getting great results for our clients.
  • We explain everything to our clients – the charges they face, the likely sentence or penalty, advice on how to plead, the court process, what our clients can do to improve their position, what their references need to say, who to bring with you to court (and even what to wear, if you want our advice on that too!).
  • Our rates are very competitive and there are no hidden fees or charges.  If the plea is guilty (for drink-driving, for example) you’ll pay one fee, up-front. That’s it.  The one-off fee covers all meetings, advice, correspondence and court appearances.
  • The principal, Sally McPherson, has a Masters in Law (Criminal Practice) – a rare and relevant qualification in the field of local court work.
  • We give expert legal advice

Legal help from our Kyogle Lawyers is just a phone call or email away

……we are experts in all matters in the local courts of Kyogle, NSW. 

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