Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and workplace misconduct are all topics that are very difficult to ignore right now, particularly with the recent release of the Set the Standard report, the result of an extensive inquiry into the culture at Parliament House and it’s associated workplaces. The inquiry was one of several ordered by the Prime […]

New study shows police presence at music festivals can lead to drug overdoses

drugs at festivals

A new survey — purported to be the largest of its kind —  suggests that a strong police presence at music festivals is a key factor in people ‘loading up’, that is taking all their drugs before entering festival gates, which can have serious consequences, potentially leading to illness and in some cases even death. […]

Class Action launched by attendees of Splendour in the Grass

splendour in the grass

A class action lawsuit has been launched for people who believe they were illegally strip searched by New South Wales Police at Byron Bay’’s iconic music festival Splendour in the Grass in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The class action is the result of an inquiry conducted by the police watchdog, the Law Enforcement Conduct […]

Drug policy is changing for the better in New South Wales

Nsw Drug Charge Review

Recently the New South Wales Government has mooted that it’s considering making changes to drug policy and drug laws, to give some drug users ‘second chances’. This is really good news. Traditionally, the New South Wales Government has taken a hardline punitive approach to offences relating to drug use and drug possession. Currently, under Section […]

DV Funding

Domestic Violence Funding

The new New South Wales Premier has announced the State’s biggest investment yet in assistance for victims of domestic and family violence. As part of the NSW pandemic recovery package, Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced that close to $500 million has been earmarked for new safe houses for victims leaving abusive relationships. Funds will be […]

Unvaccinated? – New Covid-19 health regulations you need to know

covid vaccination rules

Greater Sydney opened up this week having reached a milestone of 80% Covid-19 vaccination rates. And this is good news, not just for those in the city who’ve endured 15 weeks of lockdown, but for the rest of New South Wales too, because it means we can start to move forward again. Part of the […]

Do you have a licence for your Gel Blaster?

Gel Blaster Laws

BB Guns, Gel Blasters and Air Rifles are popular gifts for teenagers around the Northern Rivers region, especially for those young people who live on rural properties and have toads and rats and other vermin to shoot at, along with plenty of space to do so. And, when used responsibly, they can be good fun. […]

The rise of solo legal practitioners … and what that means for clients.

Local Court Solicitor

The 5th annual National Profile of Solicitors report has recently been released and it shows an interesting trend in the legal profession: Solo practitioners are on the rise. According to the report, out of the 16,393 private law practices registered across Australia, sole practitioners make up 82 per cent. One of the key drivers behind […]

No double-demerits for the long weekend

double demerit points NSW Australia

For the first time since they were introduced in 1997 double-demerits will not be enforced over the October 4 long weekend this year. While driving around the state is still largely prohibited for many people, the rationale from NSW Police is that people have had enough of strict rules and harsh penalties and there will […]

What are the penalties for failing to check-in at venues? 

QR code checkin rules

Byron Bay and Tweed Heads were plunged into lockdown again earlier this week after a Covid-infected reality TV show crew member flew into Ballina from Sydney, wandered through some shops and had a long meet up at the Kingscliff Pub. The woman, who is fully vaccinated, had been granted permission to leave her home in […]

More funding for local courts of NSW

NSW local court lawyer

Eight new local court Magistrates have been approved for New South Wales, and the State Government has also promised to invest more than $56 million over the next four years to boost resources for prosecutors and Legal Aid. Coffs Harbour, along with local Courts at Albury, the Central West, Illawarra, and Wagga Wagga, as well […]

Court in Covid

NSW local court appearance during Covid

What if I have to go to court during the Covid-19 lock down? (the following is relevant only to the NSW lockdown in place for all of NSW, during August 2021, and which may be extended beyond August) Courts in Far North New South Wales, and across the entire state have changed the way they […]

Covid lockdown rules for northern NSW

covid lockdown rules for northern nsw

From Coffs to Tweed – the North coast covid lockdown — new rules and penalties you need to know Just as we were hoping the imposed lockdown would end and we could return to ‘some sense of normalcy’, over the weekend the NSW Government ordered a snap seven-day lockdown of the entire state. There are […]

Splendour In The Grass – Local Court Appearances

Byron Bay Lawyer - Splendour In The Grass

Byron Bay Local Court to be busy with Splendour In The Grass offences A high-visibility police operation took place at the four-day Byron Bay festival – Splendour In The Grass – with 350 drug detections and a “record ammount” of more than 3kg of illicit drugs seized, predominantly MDMA tablets and to a lesser extent […]

Thinking of sneaking drugs into a festival?

Music Festival Byron Lawyer

Splendour In The Grass at Byron Bay is next week and Falls Music Festival has put tickets on sale for the Byron Bay New Years’ Eve music Festival, so it’s a timely reminder of your legal rights for police searches at festivals. .. and what to do if you’re ordered to appear at a local […]

Part 2 – NSW Road Safety Plan 2021 – Towards Zero

Lofty Ideals, Policy Potholes & Local Licences “Tough on crime”, “the War on Drugs”, and now….. “Towards Zero”: the latest rhetoric to metamorphosis into policy.  So commendable is this policy principle, we invite you with us, to look behind the rhetoric, examine the details, and the impact these will have on day-to-day lives of drivers. […]

NSW Road Safety Plan 2021 – Towards Zero

road safety - lawyer Byron Bay

Lofty Ideals, Policy Potholes & Local Licences “Tough on crime”, “the War on Drugs”, and now….. “Towards Zero”: the latest rhetoric to metamorphosis into policy.  So commendable is this policy principle, we invite you with us, to look behind the rhetoric, examine the details, and the impact these will have on day-to-day lives of drivers. […]

Medicinal Cannabis Current Legal Issues

Two critical and urgent legal issues (and proposed solutions) in the Medicinal Cannabis law enforcement space The Local Court Lawyers are calling on the State Government to consider the following two urgent changes to the laws relating to Medicinal Cannabis (“MC”) use. ISSUE 1 – a stay of proceedings or adjourn for authorisation until “lawfully prescribed” 1a.  […]

Splendour In The Grass Legal Hotline

Splendour In The Grass LEGAL HOTLINE

THE LOCAL COURT LAWYERS have a SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS legal hotline: 0413 310 008 If you’re charged with an offence at Splendour In The Grass, you’ll likely be appearing in the Byron Bay Local Court on August 21 or 22. THE LOCAL COURT LAWYERS – we are experts in all local court matters, because […]

medicinal cannabis & recreational-use cannabis

Exactly what is the difference between medicinal cannabis and recreational-use cannabis? And why is medical cannabis legal? In my experience, people feel trepidation when it comes to ‘medical cannabis’: on the one hand “it’s a plant, its natural, and everyone’s talking about the medicinal uses, so maybe its ok”; and on the other, the voice […]