Let’s talk about driver fatigue

Driver Fatigue

Believe it or not, driving fatigued is one of the biggest contributors to  the road toll in New South Wales. And, at this time of year – the long summer school holidays – it is most one of the most prevalent problems on the road, as people drive to visit family and friends to celebrate […]

New South Wales introduces coercive control

Coersive Control

 New laws passed in the State Parliament this week which make coercive control a criminal offence. ‘Coercive Control’ is the name given to behaviour that is abusive, but not physically violent, and considered to be ‘controlling in nature, or aimed at limiting a person’s independence.’ It includes, but is not limited to, behaviour which makes […]

Woman fined $1000 for driving with her phone in her bra

Mobile Phone Driving

A $1078 fine and four demerit points for driving with a mobile phone in a bra is a penalty that has divided the internet over the past couple of days. The woman was issued the fine after the infringement was caught by a seatbelt and phone detection camera on the Gold Coast. It serves as […]

What is a Coronial Inquest?

what is a coronial inquest

The disappearance of Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez galvanised the Northern Rivers Community for many, many months. Local Police organised searches, hundreds of people volunteered, others continually fed social media with updates and appeals for information. Many people simply prayed that this young man would be found safe. Others offered accommodation and support to Theo’s family […]

BOCSAR Crime Stats

crime statistics nsw

The good news for those of us who live and work on the mid-north Coast is that crime is declining. Here’s an in depth look at the latest figures from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR). The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) is a government-funded agency within the Department […]

Concealing a serious indictable offence

Concealing A Serious Indictable Offence

In New South Wales you can face serious criminal charges if you have information about a serious crime, and don’t pass this information onto authorities. A second man has been charged over the death of 17-year old Ned Gronow in Casino earlier this year. An 18-year old will face Lismore Local Court next month, charged […]

HOW TO GET BAIL ……. some of the basics of applying for bail

how to apply for bail nsw

In NSW, generally speaking, there are 4 reasons *1 why police and courts can refuse to grant bail to a defendant: There is a risk the person will commit further serious offences while on bail; The community or a particular victim(s) will be endangered if the person is on bail; If bailed, there is a […]

No Body, No Parole Laws in NSW

Murder Charges

The New South Wales Government is set to introduce new laws this week, which will affect those people convicted of murder and serving prison time in the state, where the victims body has never been found. ‘No body, no parole’ laws have been discussed for several years, and have, over time, been implemented in other […]


road accidents - negligent dangerous driving

A small community in New South Wales is mourning the loss of five young lives recently – all teenagers killed in a one-car road fatality. The driver, who is only 18 years old himself, was the only survivor of the crash. He has been charged with five counts of dangerous driving occasioning death. Police crash […]

Drinks, Drugs and Wheels

Drink Driving Lawyer NSW

In case you didn’t know it, it’s unlawful to drive a ride-on mower home from the pub when you’re drunk …and an e-Scooter, a mobility scooter or a bicycle too. The story about the man from Tweed Heads who got caught driving his ride-on mower on the road while drunk might be getting a few […]

Crime trends post-pandemic – let’s take a look at the latest numbers

Local Court Lawyers Nsw

Four times every year BOCSAR (the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research) produces a report about trends in crime. The report informs all sorts of things like the allocation of police resources, as well as NSW State Government funding around particular social problems linked to crime, or funding and support services for victims of […]

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Here’s how to get help.

domestic violence help

The very high profile recent court battles between Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and his former partner Amber Heard have got the world talking. And this is a good thing – we need domestic violence to come out from behind closed doors. Whether or not you agree with the very polarising outcome of the Depp vs […]

What is a Community Corrections Order?

In New South Wales, courts have a number of sentencing options available to them. One such option is a Community Corrections Order (CCO) for adult offenders, which involves a conviction being entered, and can, at times, be a harsh penalty, but CCO’s are a welcome alternative to a prison sentence. CCOs were introduced as a […]

What is a Conditional Release Order?

Local Court Lawyer Nsw

Conditional release orders (CROs) are a type of sentencing. They were introduced in 2018, to replace good behaviour bonds. When a person has been found guilty of a crime in New South Wales (either at a hearing or my entering a plea of guilty), a Judge or Magistrate can impose a CRO with a criminal […]

Family & Domestic Violence Leave Entitlement

Domestic Violence Leave Entitlement

Millions of Australians will be entitled to ten days paid domestic violence leave after a landmark decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The decision, which currently affects those employed under the 123 current industry awards, is likely to set a precedent right across Australia, means that workers should be able to access the leave […]

You can be charged with drug supply, without actually selling drugs 

Drug Supply Laws NSW

In the news this week – a New South Wales man has confessed to trading cocaine for secret and unlawful access to a gym to work out during the Sydney Covid-19 lockdowns. Police arrested the man after an investigation that included surveillance and the interception of more than 25,000 text messages and phone calls. He […]

Let’s talk about sex – School Sex Ed is getting a major overhaul

Sex Ed Australia

Last year a young woman named Chantel Contos shared her personal experience of sexual assault at school online. She received an overwhelming number of responses, shares and support. The story, and the underlying issue – a lack of understanding of exactly what consent means, to our young people – went viral. Next, Ms Contos started […]

Affirmative Sexual Consent laws. What do they mean?

Sexual consent law reforms have passed in New South Wales Parliament, and they’re being described as a major step forward in delivering better justice for sexual assault survivors. Rape can be difficult to prosecute Police officers and lawyers will attest to the fact that rape cases can be difficult to prosecute, for a number of […]

What does it mean to appeal a criminal conviction?

appeal in the court

The news that has dominated headlines recently is the story of Jarryd Hayne walking free from jail, having had his sexual assault convictions quashed. The former NRL star was convicted late last year of two counts of sexual assault. After a jury found him guilty his legal team launched an appeal against his conviction. Every […]

Supplying a prohibited drug in New South Wales

prohibited drugs and the law NSW Australia

I bet that if you asked any parent what their greatest worry is, most would say their teenagers getting into trouble with drugs makes it into the top three concerns. A group of New South Wales high school parents are coming to terms with an even worse  scenario this week – the news that a […]