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    About the Local Court Lawyers

    The Local Court Lawyers work exclusively in the local courts of NSW.  Unlike most law firms, local court work is the only work we do.  That’s why we are experts – Local Court offences – all day, everyday.

    Currently operating in NSW, the Local Court Lawyers appears in the local courts in: Grafton, Ballina, Byron Bay, Lismore, Tweed, Mullumbimby, MacLean, Casino and Kyogle.  We appear for children and juveniles in the children’s court as well.

    Sally - Local Court Lawyers

    Sally McPherson

    Sally McPherson is the principal lawyer at THE LOCAL COURT LAWYERS. Sally has been a lawyer for 17 years, with many of these spent handling local court matters.

    Sally has a Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma in Law, Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences (sexual health), and is completing her Masters Degree in Criminal Practice.

    Sally has operated the Local Court Lawyers for several years, and has appeared in a myriad of local court matters.  Her academic qualifications, combined with her experience, and skills at the strategy of running local court matters (which is further clear from this short video) make the Local Court Lawyers unique.

    The Local Court Lawyers

    We’ll get you the best possible outcome