3 Quick tips for a safe & happy Splendour

It’s Splendour In The Grass time!  Make sure your weekend is full of good memories; here’s 3 vital points to make sure your weekend is the best ever:

1. Taking Drugs at Splendour In The Grass

Latest statistics show that 4 out of 5 festival goers will take recreational drugs while they’re at the festival. If you’re one of this large percentage remember it’s illegal, and there will be Police and  sniffer dogs on patrol searching for drugs.

Please read this article about what your legal rights are for being searched at a Festival

Your Health and drugs: If you are trying to take drugs into the festival and fear you are about to get searched by police do NOT take all of your pills, it can have serious, if not life threatening affects to your health. Read the article at the link above about police searches.
If you don’t feel well for whatever reason, get yourself to the medical tent straight away. The medical staff are only there to look after your health, they won’t call the police or your parents, they won’t judge you, they’re simply there to help you. Know the signs and act if it’s happening to you or a friend or other patron: collapse, fittings, vomiting fluctuating body temperature, rapid breathing, difficulty communicating, unconsiousness or simply feeling unwell. Don’t try to ‘power through’ feeling unwell. Get to the medical tent and at the very least ask for advise. Or call the Splendour In The Grass has a PATRON SAFETY HOTLINE – 1300 940 928 if you or someone you know needs help and you can’t get to the medical tent.

2. Love and Peace Man – Not Disorderly Behaviour at Splendour In The Grass

Everyone’s going to the festival to have a good time. With intoxication and general peer pressure, some people take things too far. Respect the other patrons and yourself, enjoy the music, the festival vibes and chill!

Splendour In The Grass has a PATRON SAFETY HOTLINE this year, so if you or someone you know needs help call 1300 940 928 immediately. For any safety issues.

3. Leaving the Festival

The driver of your vehicle should expect to be drug and alcohol tested, as you come or go from the festival. Expect long traffic cues in all directions. The safest option is to get the local public transport that’s designated just for Splendour patrons.

Stay safe, look out for your mates and have fun.

We want you to be safe and have the best time ever, but if you, or a mate, make a mistake at Splendour in the Grass, Contact us for legal advice.

-Effective, Experienced and Affordable Byron Bay lawyers. We can represent you for ANY matter in the Byron Bay Local Court. 

We don’t recommend you do this at Splendour  – view video:


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